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Project Description

This project is to process raw data and generate different kind of reports in Microsoft Excel output format.

Microsoft Excel is the most powerful and popular reporting/analytical tool from simple household account maintenance perspective to very complex billion dollar asset management by investment banking companies. Because of such popularity and powerful features, many organization prefer to export data in Microsoft Excel so that their analyst can easily do further analysis by pivoting, charting.

But still there are some kind of reports which can't be easily generated using inbuilt MS Excel features. Meeting such requirement is the purpose of this project.

Below is the feature which has been implemented -

=> Group Report
=> Total and Sub-Total at any group level.
=> Indenting/padding column values
=> Hiding column
=> Hiding just column header
=> Aggregation functions (Avg, Sum, Weighted Average, ...)

Primarily this engine is more towards MS Excel’s pivot table.

Here we can pass source data with report configuration (group report with Sub Total, Grand total at top instead of bottom), and it will generate excel worksheet based on the configuration.
It can be configured like, Grand Total should be at the top, sub-total for one column at group start level & for other column at group end level, group value should be hidden (column 2 in example), column value should have some padding (column 1 in example), merging column headers, etc..

Objective is to provide such level of flexibility and all this can be configured.

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